Irrigation System Repair

At Tulsa Sprinklers, we provide our customers with top-notch customer service for all irrigation system questions and concerns.  We operate in a professional manner, arriving on time for sprinkler system estimates, new irrigation system installations, and repair appointments.  We make a point to install sprinkler systems on the date scheduled, but if an unforeseen circumstance occurs, preventing us from arriving on time to a job, we will contact you as soon as possible to lessen the inconvenience for you.

Tulsa Sprinklers specializes in sprinkler irrigation installation and sprinkler system repair.  Specialization in these two areas allows our installers and repair technicians to develop expert level skills in their chosen field of either irrigation installation or sprinkler system repair.  Installation crew members only install sprinkler systems and repair technicians only maintain or repair sprinkler systems.  Our installers and repair technicians gain experience through in-house training and on the job training in the field with the oversight of our experts on staff.  Our highly qualified personnel can handle your irrigation system installation, maintenance, or sprinkler repair needs.